Throughout my career as a therapist, I have frequently reflected on what helps people the most when they are seeking psychotherapy. In 2009 I was introduced to a modality called Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy. My interest was heightened by the fact that it is evidence based and that studies show that it alleviates symptoms in a shorter time period with longer lasting results. Since learning about ISTDP I have undergone extensive training and have incorporated it into my practice with positive results.

ISTDP differs from other therapies in that the therapist is an active advocate of change rather than a neutral observer as in more traditional therapies. A central belief is that it is not enough just to have insight into our feelings or talk about feelings, but that the patient must have a direct experience of bodily feelings in the session to alleviate anxiety and other forms of emotional distress.

My approach is collaborative. Once you have stated your goals and established the will to face internal struggles, we will together look at what is interfering to block these goals. I will pay close attention in every session to your emotion and non-verbal communication. We will strive to uncover buried feelings about losses, disappointments and early attachment figures that may have failed to provide the constancy, validation, and security you needed.

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