Dr. Klaskin has helped me beyond what I could have imagined. I was able to recognize, deal with, and move past anxiety and depression issues that were holding me back in life. Dr. Klaskin offers a sympathetic ear with real, useful advice. I would never be where I am today without Dr. Klaskin’s help. Thanks to her, I feel more capable of achieving my goals and building a future I’m proud of. If you’re looking for an effective and supportive therapist, look no further. Dr. Klaskin is incredibly patient and kind, perfect for anyone who needs support and real answers to their issues.
Mackenzie D. Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Klaskin is an incredibly effective therapist. My life would not be the same without her. She not only has allowed me to learn so much about myself, but she has also taught me the necessary skills to make myself a better version of me and has also taught me how to cope with the various challenges and stresses I have faced and continue to face in my life. I hope that everyone has the opportunity to work with a therapist who understands them and exhibits compassion in a comforting environment. I cannot say enough good things about Dr.K and I feel blessed to have had her a part of my life for six years.
Tiffany J. Los Angeles, CA
Melissa Klaskin was a referral from a counselor at my college. I saw her for about a year. She definitely helped get me through a very tough time and transitional period in my life! I’ve had therapists in the past that simply sit there and let you vent, but don’t help you actually make changes in your life. Dr. Klaskin is definitely NOT one of those therapists – she’s so much better! She helped me work through my issues, find the underlying causes, and then take steps towards overcoming those issues. She will push you and question your illogical or self-destructive behavior or thoughts. At the same time – she is very compassionate and nurturing. I would recommend her to anyone looking to make changes in his or her life. Just make sure that you are ready to ACTUALLY change.
Kat N. Santa Monica, CA
I found Dr. Klaskin after requesting referrals from a trusted, well-known graduate school professor in my field of organization development. I was immediately impressed by Dr. Klaskin’s web site as it was clear and direct and made getting started with the psychotherapy process easy. I also appreciated and admired her acceptance of many insurance plans and her commitment to providing access to quality mental health support regardless of income level. In our sessions, Dr. Klaskin helped me with my adjustment to motherhood. Through questioning, listening, reframing and validating, she helped me work through specific challenges in my marriage and at work and provided insight into my own emotions. I will definitely return to Dr. Klaskin the next time I need mental health support.
Molly B. Los Angeles, CA