Psychotherapy FAQ’s

How Does Psychotherapy Work?

Therapy is the process of discussing and experiencing the powerful emotions from past and present that shape our behavior and affect our relationships. People often come to therapy feeling depressed or anxious, or because of difficulty In finding or sustaining good connections with other people. While it seems that negative feelings are triggered by current life events, it is often true that people are suffering from deep hurts, traumas or losses from the past. Psychotherapy can shed a different light on one’s inner conflicts and with new insights powerful changes can occur. This can include relief from crippling anxiety and depression, improved intimacy with others and an end to self defeating behaviors.

What Can You Expect From Psychotherapy?

Sometimes our emotions, thoughts and actions are hard to understand. Sometimes we feel alone, overwhelmed and confused about a specific situation, a relationship that is not working out, job dissatisfaction or just the vicissitudes of life. It often helps to speak to a trained psychotherapist to gain understanding and support and to begin to make significant changes in one’s life. Psychotherapy can shed a different light on one’s inner conflicts as well as problems related to others. With a greater understanding about the impact of past hurts and disappointments, patients can experience more self acceptance, emotional growth and healing, and improved relationships with others.

How Do You Know If A Therapist Is Right For You?

The most important part of any therapy is the relationship between the patient and the therapist. This interaction forms the foundation for trust, constancy and emotional intimacy. A “good fit” is an essential part of the positive therapeutic experience. One should feel that the therapist is empathic, understanding, knowledgeable, and sometimes challenging. The therapist should be able to work collaboratively with the patient to achieve his or her goals.

What If I Am Unable to Come to Your Office for Sessions?

If you are unable to drive to my office for sessions, I am now offering teletherapy sessions either by video or phone.